Current Issue
April 2016
Issue: NAB Post+


NEW YORK - Coral Springs, FL’s da Vinci ( brought its recently-expanded Resolve digital intermediate product line to the NAB Post+ show. Resolve is available in three distinct hardware configurations - Resolve FX, Resolve DI, and Resolve RT - each designed to address specific applications.

Resolve FX is the base-level system for budget-conscious studios wanting to offer file-based, nonlinear color enhancement and conforming work. Resolve DI system is suited for digital intermediate projects that may not need realtime throughput yet still call for a substantial volume of color-look creation and conforming. And Resolve RT is designed for studios looking for realtime image processing performance for film, digital intermediate, and video finishing work.

All of the Resolve configurations feature an open architecture that allows the browsing and selection of image data from a LAN/SAN or local storage. Resolve's nonlinear approach allows for flexibility and speed, while maintaining the comfort and familiarity of da Vinci’s traditional control panels.