Issue: Day 1 - SIGGRAPH 2007


SAN DIEGO – Intelligent Gadgets (, the creator of advanced collaborative digital media review and approval tools, and SeeFile (, a developer of Web server software for sharing media files, have joined forces at SIGGRAPH to demonstrate the benefits of a combined, video-enabled, collaborative review and approval system.

Intellgent Gadgets' SyncVuePro is a Skype-based media review tool that delivers users a collaborative, synchronized video review and approval experience. SeeFile 3.0 is a Web server solution that enables users to access media files via any browser on any PC or Mac system, and provides the tools necessary to efficiently manage and collaborate on video editing projects. Both products support access from any combination of PC and Mac computer systems over the Internet.

The bundle comprises five user preinstalled versions of both SeeFile 3.0 and SyncVuePro, loaded on an Apple Mac Mini server with one terabyte of hard disk space. The Mac Mini functions as the server for the combined solution, allowing large video files to be uploaded, downloaded and reviewed online in a seamless fashion from both PCs and Macs over the Internet.  The combined

hardware/software solution bundle includes everything needed for a video editing facility to create their own video sharing server for remote review. The bundle is priced at $1,995 and is available from SeeFile and its dealers worldwide. The same configuration in a software-only bundle is priced at $995.