Issue: Day 2 - SIGGRAPH 2007


SAN DIEGO - Hollywood’s RFX ( is now selling Craft Animations’ Craft Director Tools suite of plug-ins for 3DS Max, Maya and Viz. Craft Animations, who are at the show, is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and will still sell licenses via its Website,

The plug-ins enable 3D animators to manipulate cameras and objects in the 3D environment in realtime. Craft Animations has also entered into a strategic partnership with Utah-based PerspectX (, which is known for its high-quality 3D models. Now these models will be sold pre-rigged with Craft Director Tools. That means that when you import, for example, an airplane into Maya, the airplane can be flown with a joystick with all the motion simulated by Craft Director Tools. All the motion is captured and keyframed in realtime.