Issue: Day 2 - SIGGRAPH 2007


SAN DIEGO - Nvidia ( is introducing Tesla at SIGGRAPH, the company’s new line of processors for high-performance computing coupled with the latest Nvidia  Quadro professional graphics solutions.

According to the company, with Tesla, computations that previously took hours, days or even weeks are now taking only minutes and in some cases computing in realtime - achieving performance improvements that are 45 to 415 times faster than traditional processors.

During the show, Nvidia is providing digital content creation demos on Tesla, including animation, rendering and broadcast.

Nvidia is also showcasing its next-gen rendering technology and highlighting the performance advantages of rendering using the G80 architecture in Nvidia Quadro graphics. Demonstrations of the new "interactive lighting" technology and advancements in multi-GPU based rendering will be topics at the Nvidia Gelato User Group meeting.

Also at the show is Gelato 2.2 professional film-quality rendering software, and the unveiling of The Plush Life
, an in-house animated short created by the Nvidia Digital Film Group using Autodesk Maya software and rendered completely in Gelato software.