Issue: Day 2 - SIGGRAPH 2007


SAN DIEGO – Boxx Technologies ( is showing its RenderBoxx “Render Farm” series at SIGGRAPH in San Diego.  Renderboxx 10,100 modules are compact render farm building blocks that leverage the quad-core Intel Xeon architecture to provide powerful rendering capabilities, scalability and power saving efficiencies.

A single RenderBoxx 10,100 module delivers the rendering power of four quad-core Intel Xeon processors. Twenty quad-core Intel Xeon processors fit in four units, while a full rack of RenderBoxxes features 200 quad core Intel Xeon processors, totaling 800 cores.

IPMI 2.0 technology allows for render farm monitoring and control, while a front-accessible design enables easy connectivity.

Base price for the RenderBoxx "Render Farm" series node with four quad-core Intel Xeon processors starts at $5,410.