Issue: IBC 2007 - Day 2


AMSTERDAM — Cintel ( is at IBC with its new Digital Servo system for the DataMill 4K scanner and the Millennium 4K data-cine, which the company says features a custom-designed servo processor PCB that constantly monitors and recalculates servo information during the scanning process, adjusting the speed, velocity and tension of the film transport. Users see increased stability and improved throughput speed, which allows for realtime film transfers in SD and HD modes, up to 15fps in 2K data mode, as well as a very fast 4fps pin registration mode.

Cintel is also showing a Kodak-calibrated scanner on its stand. This is the result of its collaboration with the company, which saw it offer Kodak factory-calibration on all new Ditto 2K/4K scanners starting in June. Ditto  - which is being shown in a 16mm configuarion - has an option of shipping with built-in Kodak Display Manager technology. This allows customers to previsualize what scanned film will look like when printed on Kodak stock.

There are also two new additions to Cintel's multi-standard image manipulation and enhancement tool, ImageMill. Grace SR, a spatial filter-based grain reduction product, now offers recursive filtering for the optimum reduction of video noise.