Issue: IBC 2007 - Day 3


AMSTERDAM – Reno, NV’s Bright Systems ( launched the BrightDrive TxP at IBC, a new, secure, high-speed, high-capacity portable drive system. The unit offers the ability to hold and offload data at speeds up to 20x greater than standard FireWire and USB, dramatically cutting media transfer times.

The BrightDrive TxP uses Bright Systems’ BrightDrive advanced disk recording technology. Users are able to transfer media at realtime 2K, or 300 MB/seconds. A two-hour motion picture can be backed up in approximately two hours.

Bright System’s Data Integrity technology performs automatic checking and verification of the data set at the final destination to ensure end-to-end integrity. It also minimizes time spent transporting data between disparate systems when ingesting and offloading.

Each BrightDrive TxP chassis can hold four transportable drive capsules, each with a 1.5 terabyte capacity. This allows users the opportunity to ingest or offload up to two full-length motion pictures at a time.  Bright Systems will begin shipping the TxP this month.