Issue: IBC 2007 - Day 3


AMSTERDAM – London’s FilmLight ( recently developed a software-based noise and grain reduction tool, which is now integrated into its Baselight color grading systems. The software eliminates the need for hardware noise reducers and provides enhances flexibility and control.

The new Temporal Degrain feature is available in Baselight V.3.2, which also includes extended functionality for image rotation and stabilization. This release provides support for full optical flow noise reducers, such as those featured in The Foundry’s Furnace.

Temporal Degrain is based on an optimized, temporally-based degrain algorithm developed by the FilmLight engineers.  The tunable algorithm is fast enough that users can see the results onscreen and flexible enough to go anywhere inside a Baselight grading stack - that is before or after grading, and inside keys and shapes. Hardware noise reducers often lack that flexibility.

As a software tool, Temporal Degrain is resolution independent and can be applied to any imagery ranging from SD to 4K.