Issue: IBC 2008 - Day 1


AMSTERDAM - The Pixel Farm ( is launching PFClean at IBC. The turn-key system provides a hardware-accelerated platform for DI and restoration workflows. This appliance approach means users get a fully-tuned system. The Pixel Farm is offering a "video" system for SD and HD, as well as a "film" system for 2K and 4K projects.

At the show, the company is demonstrating the transfer of grading and edit information between PFClean and Avid Media Composer using the ASC's Color Discision Lists (CDL) embedded in the Avid ASC Edit Decision List (EDL). The tightly-integrated workflow links offline editing and image restoration.

PFClean/Baselight integration is being show at The Pixel Farm booth too. This workflow allows footage to be graded in Baselight while simultaneously being restored in PFClean. This is achieved by PFClean directly accessing a Baselight job in order for PFClean to be automatically populated with the clips contained within that job. Upon completion, PFClean updates the Baselight job to pick up the restored footage.

And PFTrack, Pixel Farm's advanced camera tracking and motion analysis solution, is being shown in Version 5.0 release. The new camera solver in Version 5.0 supports true stereoscopic footage, working with both left and right eye images to produce independent camera motion. Each eye is solved as a distinct motion path and presented as a stereo camera rather than just calculating an image plane offset.

PFTrack 5.0 also now supports the use of reference frames. High resolution stills can be imported and used to define points in space to improve solves. Reference frames can also be used as sources for textures when using PFTrack's image based modeling tools. PFTrack 5.0 is available on Linux 32- and 64-bit, Windows and Mac OS X.