Issue: IBC 2008 - Day 2


AMSTERDAM - Assimilate ( is at IBC with its tools for digital intermediate work. The company is showing the latest version of Scratch - 4.0 - as well as a Scratch/Red 4K workflow, a Scratch stereoscopic 3D workflow and a first look at the Scratch/Adobe Creative Suite 4K workflow.

The Scratch/Red 4K workflow supports the Red One Digital Cinema 4K camera. Once the Redcode Raw .R3D files are loaded into Scratch, the DP can take an initial check of the shots before striking the set. Post production teams can easily work with Redcode native files to review, assemble, conform; do real-time playback, color correction, and finishing; and output to any format, any resolution, up to full 4K.

The Scratch Stereoscopic/3D digital workflow runs on optimized commodity workstations and allows user to apply realtime tools.

And Adobe's Creative Suite 3 Production Premium software now supports the 4K Redcode RAW native format. When combined with Scratch, the gear creates an integrated 4K data workflow.