Issue: IBC 2008 - Day 2


AMSTERDAM – Seattle-based Automatic Duck ( is at IBC with a newly-enhanced version of its Timeline Integration solution for Final Cut Pro. Pro Export FCP 4.0 adds significant improvements to a number of key workflows. 

Improvements have been made in the Final Cut Pro to Avid workflow, and users can now convert Final Cut Pro media into Avid media files. Support has been added for 24fps and many FCP effects and parameters now convert into Avid effects.

Improvements have also been made in the Final Cut Pro to Pro Tools workflow, allowing users to export an AAF file linking to external media files, as well as include a video track for viewing picture.

For those working with Quantel systems, improvements have been made in the Final Cut Pro to Quantel workflow. More effects data from FCP can be imported into Quantel iQ and eQ systems.

Automatic Duck will release V.4.0 in the Fall. Pricing will be $495 for new customers and $195 for upgrades.