Issue: IBC 2008 - Day 2


AMSTERDAM - Sweden's Digital Vision ( is celebrating its 20th anniversary at this year's IBC show and has its range of image enhancement products on display. The company's Phame algorithms are the foundation of its entire product line, and are being highlighted in the company's Film Master grading system.

Film Master 4.0 includes further support of AAF effects, AAF export and XML ingest for many forms of metadata. Throughput has been extended with more of the DVO effects now implemented on the GPU, including ZOM (rescaler), Defocus, Aperture, Alias and De-interlace. All of these options are available in realtime, along with color correction and 3D LUT, and can be played directly to tape without rendering. As such, multiple versions at different resolutions can be exported without the need for additional disk space or rendering delays.

Digital Vision has also enhanced its support for stereoscopic mastering with tools that allow users to grade left, right or both eyes. Further 3D support includes convergence tools, keystone correction and DVO Tracker to allow corresponding regions to be isolated in both streams at the same time.

The company's Phoenix restoration, re-mastering and repurposing solution is being shown with enhancements that include DVO Flicker and DVO Inverse TC, a 10x speed enhancement to its DVO Fix tool and an improved DVO Deinterlace. Phoenix is being shown with Turbine, a high performance render accelerator, to demonstrate how restoration and re-mastering of large archives can be performed at faster than realtime speeds.