Issue: IBC 2008 - Day 3


AMSTERDAM - DVS Digital Video Systems AG ( is showing new features to its standalone Spycer software application at IBC. The data management tool allows network administrators to define and manage computer groups for a SpycerNet, independent of the existing infrastructure. Using a password-protected administrator account, computers are assigned to SpycerNet groups. This significantly increases the security of a peer-to-peer network. And since the administrator can build on existing networks, the system is very flexible.

Copying speed on Ethernet-based TCP/IP lines has been increased substantially. The new multicast process in SpycerNet – a scalable content management network – frees the user from subnet limitations. As such, data can now be managed with maximum flexibility in any type of IT infrastructure. Being an open system, Spycer supports conventional IT infrastructures as well as all DVS products.

SpycerLink technology, now available on each workstation with Spycer, makes it possible to establish a fast InfiniBand connection to the SpycerBox NAS solution, easily and cost-effectively. Since data transfer rates as high as approximately 500 MB/s are possible, transfer times are now much shorter.

The DVS software is capable of identifying more than 100 image and container formats and displaying them on its integrated media player. The integrated converter has been updated to also support other formats.