Issue: IBC 2008 - Day 3


AMSTERDAM - The UK’s Lightworks ( is launching new editing software for its Alacrity and Softworks products at IBC 2008. The new Version 1.3 release includes features and advances for speeding up video or film editing assignments.

Lightworks 1.3 offers realtime mixed format editing and native support for AVI, MXF and QuickTime, providing easy integration in the world of open file transfers. Supported formats include HDV, XDCAM and P2. Also supported for interchange are OMF, AAF, DPX sequences.
Version 1.3’s full networking support simplifies the sharing of projects and supports more and larger volumes, allowing for easy integration with very large storage arrays over 100TBs. Lightworks 1.3 maintains full metadata interchange and native file format support with the Geevs video server, allowing large integrated tapeless systems to be built.
An optional HD Codec pack for Lightworks 1.3 also allows Lightworks to edit Red RAW files and ProRes422 files from Final Cut Pro.

The company will release V.1.3 soon after IBC. Special education pricing will make the package more accessible to schools and colleges.