Issue: IBC 2008 - Day 4


AMSTERDAM – Storage provider Ardis Technologies is showing its DynamicDrivePool ( at the IBC show. The RAID-based solution provides project- and file-level based sharing between post production applications from Avid, Apple, Digidesign and others based on MXF.

The solution offers high bandwidth using standard Ethernet, providing users with simultaneous read and write access to the same drive/volume. Based on these DDP features MXF comes into play as a container format to allow a variety of applications to instantly use an MXF file after it has been ingested on the DDP.

P2 MXF files stored on the DDP can instantly be used by Avid applications running on PCs and Macs, Final Cut Pro with MXF4QT from HPA, and Pro Tools on PC and Mac. XDCAM MXF files ingested on the DDP via Avid/PC and Tobbogan MediaTransfer from Mog Solutions can directly be used by Avid, Final Cut Pro with MXF4QT and Pro Tools on Mac or PC. And XDCAM MXF files stored on the DDP can instantly be used by Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools system with MXF4Q, and converted for use in Avid.

The DDP delivers SAN speed with NAS functionality in combination with ease of installation, operation and maintenance.