Issue: IBC 2008 - Day 4


AMSTERDAM - Surround microphone manufacturer Holophone ( brought its D-Code multi-channel Pro Logic II decoder to this year's IBC show. The desktop station is able to take recordings captured with its H4 or Porta-Mic 5.1 and decode them into six discrete audio channels.

A recording device is connected to the D-Code through two RCA inputs on the front of the unit. For an easy transfer from the camera to the computer, the decoded audio can be delivered via six RCA analog outputs to an analog input device or multi-channel USB directly to the user's computer. The decoded discrete audio files are compatible with pro editing programs, including Apple's Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere.

The D-Code is priced at $599 and is based on the encoder featured in the H4 and PortaMic 5.1. The solution takes six channels from the H2-Pro or H3-D and converts them to two channels, allowing audio to be recorded to any standard stereo recording device. When combined with the D-Code, these stereo recordings can be brought back to their full 5.1 channel splendor.