Issue: IBC 2008 - Day 4


AMSTERDAM - Sony and Mesoft (
have partnered to create a new production workflow designed specifically for unscripted programming. The workflow uses XDCAM HD optical disc technology and Mesoft's Media Logger and Story Editor solutions, which now include native support for Sony XDCAM, Avid MXF and DNxHD file formats. When combined, the technologies can create a complete workflow covering capture, ingest, logging, editing and delivery.

Mesoft has enhanced its solutions to support Sony's XDCAM and XDCAM HD systems. This allows producers to take advantage of the tapeless cameras' ability to transfer media at faster than realtime speed while delivering high quality audio. The added support for Avid's MXF file format and DNxHD and Apple's Final Cut Pro can allow media to be directly imported to and exported from editorial systems without recourse to intermediate file formats.

In the suggested workflow, once media is ingested, the Mesoft solution is able to re-mux the low-res video proxy with the high-resolution audio material at faster than realtime speeds. It can then export MXF-ready files to Avid systems for offline editorial.

The Mesoft Story Editor is a complementary application to Mesoft's Media Logger and was developed with direct input from working producers and story editors. It is tailored to manage the extreme volumes of media associated with unscripted television and documentaries.

Once media has been ingested and logged into the Mesoft Media Logger, users can assemble storyboards using a graphical interface and a simple drag and drop process. Clips can be reordered individually or in blocks. Thumbnails make for easy identification of clips. There is also a nesting file system to organize clips, and a powerful search engine that allows users to locate specific clips through the use of cast names, locations, keywords or other metadata.