Issue: NAB Show Daily


LAS VEGAS - Arri ( is showing an upgraded version of its D-20 digital cinematography camera at the NAB show this week. The Arriflex D-21 has the same body and sensor as the D-20, but has been improved to offer increased sensitivity and image quality, as well as simplified operation.

The new version incorporates DPC technology to correct dead pixels that are inherent in digital cameras. Since the D-21 incorporates a 4x3 aspect ratio sensor, it can make full use of anamorphic lenses. The Arriraw format enables the D-21 to output raw uncompressed data. It can also alternately or simultaneously output an uncompressed HD signal.

Arri also has model #100 of its Arriscan product at the booth, which has been signed by the entire Arri team to celebrate the milestone. New Arriscan features include hot keys and a changed keyboard, along with a new wetgate that uses an organic and less toxic liquid. The wetgate has been certified for Europe, but not yet for the US. The scanner operates at 2fps with the wetgate and Arri plans to have it available toward the end of the year.

The Arrilaser sees a major redesign for the show. The system can scan 4K at 1.5 seconds per frame and 2K at just under one second per frame.