Issue: NAB Show Daily


LAS VEGAS - For those of you who have already received your Red One digital cinema camera, things have just gotten bit easier to get to post. Here at NAB, Assimilate, Red and Boxx showed a new workflow that acts as a virtual telecine, allowing directors, colorists and VFX artists to affordably get footage from Red's 4K One camera -  in full 2K resolution in realtime with full debayering - without having to use a telecine.

Boxx's new Redboxx is based on the company's 3DBoxx an offers dual-socket Intel architecture powered by two, quad-core processors, for a total of eight cores. The workstation, which works only with RedCode .R3D comes with Assimilate's new Scratch Cine software (also designed only for .R3D files) package aimed at DI work. Scratch Cine allows users to create one-light color grading, color and shot management, giving them an easy upgrade path to the full file-based color grading and data management capabilities found in Assimilate's full blown Scratch finishing system.

"Scratch Cine gives indies and other filmmakers another entry point to quality post production," says Scratch user Vinny Hogan, president of Cineworks. "Red users can use Scratch Cine for the initial pre-post and we're here to take on the final finishing."

Boxx is offering Redboxx for $31,995, or through a three-year lease program of $999 per month.