Issue: NAB Show Daily


LAS VEGAS - Cine-tal Systems (, which develops collaboration, monitoring and image processing tools, announced here at NAB that it will purchase Rising Sun Research's CineSpace, a suite of color management apps used to ensure images that artists see on their screens are identical to how they will look when projected in a movie theater or shown on television. Cine-tal Systems will integrate CineSpace software technology with its own display management software that has been in development. RSR will remain closely involved in sales, support and strategic direction of the product suite.

Cine-tal also launched Davio, a portable HD video and DI processing system, which is a smaller, cheaper alternative to the company's existing eL 1000. Davio is customizable for production, post and broadcast workflows. And it is scalable for complex jobs.

"We received a lot of requests from our customers for an image processing device that was flexible, portable, affordable and easy to use," says Cine-tal Systems CTO/VP of engineering Peter Polit. "It is based on the same award-winning technology as the eL 1000 and our Cinemage precision monitors, and we expect it to be embraced by an even wider range of users."

Davio hardware is coupled the Davio software library, creating a solution that can handle both simple and highly complex video processing needs for production, post, distribution and exhibition. The libraries provide tools for display calibration and emulation, color pipeline management, 3D stereo processing, and still stores.

In other news, Cine-Tal is offering the Dolby 3D Color Processor, which performs accurate left eye/right eye balancing for color grading suites and screening rooms using the Dolby 3D Cinema Color Filter for digital projection. Production and post pros can use this product for color accuracy when 3D material is played back from any source or server and projected with a Dolby 3D Cinema Color Filter.