Issue: NAB Show Daily


LAS VEGAS - San Francisco-based Digital Anarchy ( is at NAB with new three plug-in sets for Adobe and Apple products: Fluidz for After Effects and Premiere Pro, ToonIt! Film/Video, and Text Anarchy for Apple's FxPlug applications.

Fluidz uses the power of 2D fluid dynamics developed by SpeedSix to produce flowing, fluid effects and transitions. Its three plug-ins can be used to create realistic flames, smoke, and liquid effects. The Fire plug-in creates fluid simulations of flames and smoke ranging from a single flame to a raging fire. ImageFlow is a general fluids engine that dissolves images into fluids, creates fluid mixing effects, and simulates fluids flowing through channels or around obstructions. And TransFlow creates a range of unique transitions and wipes in which the outgoing clip flows away to reveal the incoming clip.

ToonIt! Film/Video 1.1. sees a multi-processor update that helps speed rendering times by over 300 percent on a quad-core machines. The collection's four plug-ins turn film, video footage or still images into cartoons using advanced algorithms from Toonamation LLC. ToonIt! can be used to create styles such as flat cartoon, graphic novel, line art, and pen & ink. The Version 1.1 update adds additional styles and rendering options.

The Text Anarchy 2.0 FxPlug now supports Apple's Final Cut Pro and Motion. This plug-in set uses particle systems for generating text and font symbols allowing designers and editors to use text/fonts as design elements. Through particle systems, large amounts of text and characters can be generated easily creating seemingly complex effects and designs.