Issue: SIGGRAPH 2008 - Day 1


LOS ANGELES - Autodesk is at SIGGRAPH with a number of product updates, including enhancements to its Toxik, MotionBuilder and Mudbox tools. The company's Maya 3D animation software, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary at the show, is being previewed as Maya 2009, a new release scheduled for delivery in October.

Maya 2009 features a new workflow that optimizes render times for multiple render layers. New tools are also featured, including Maya Assets, which enables users to encapsulate a set of nodes into a single container and publish a view of the data suited to the artist's tasks. The release offers a new render proxy feature in Mental Ray, and additional multi-threading work and algorithmic speed ups that boost interactive draw, simulation and rendering performance.

The nParticles dynamic simulation mode allows users to create complex physical simulations that interact directly with each other. And for studios looking to take on 3D stereoscopic work, Maya 2009 offers a flexible new stereo camera rig, complete with in-viewport stereo viewing.

Pricing as a standalone application will be $1,995. The standalone version of Maya 2009 Unlimited will be $4,995. Upgrade pricing is $899 and $1,249 respectively.