Issue: SIGGRAPH 2008 - Day 1


LOS ANGELES - Digital Concepts Group (, a developer of motion capture pipelines and solutions, is launching FacePro at this year's SIGGRAPH show. The toolset is designed to help both experienced and novice motion capture users clean up and retarget facial animation.

Digital Concepts is demo'ing FacePro at Vicon's booth each day at 2:45pm. The tool is a plug-in for Vicon's Blade software platform and combines native and custom tools into an intuitive pipeline that allows users to quickly and easily refine facial motion capture data.

The tool was developed by Digital Concepts Group co-founders DJ Hauck and Steven Ilous, who have facial motion capture credits that include work on The Polar Express, Monster House and Beowulf.
FacePro takes into consideration the fact that a human face is not truly stable and that skin and underlying muscle and bone can cause instability.

Retargeting is simplified with the tool, allowing new users to make changes, while also allowing more experienced users to tweak complex set-ups. Automated Gap Filling features help smooth gaps that occur in data, basing it on best choices rather than guesses. And SkinFlex features restore stretching and movement that is not captured in traditional motion capture data.