Issue: SIGGRAPH 2008 - Day 2


LOS ANGELES – Paris’s Dassault Systèmes has its 3DVIA brand ( at SIGGRAPH 2008, showing the latest in highly-interactive 3D and virtual reality technology. Joined by partners at its booth, 3DVIA is showcasing 3D advancements enabled by its Virtools application development platform. In addition to Virtools, 3DVIA is also showing MP, the company’s premium video game application-production platform.

Partner Softkinetic ( is at the 3DVIA booth, showing an interactive 3D game that demonstrates how Virtools works with its natural interface  technology. Softkinetic’s 3D gesture recognition software enhances interactivity by allowing players to interact directly with the games through a 3D depth-sensing camera, without the need for a controller. The virtual reality contest/game gives players an immersive and intuitive game play experience in which they can win a number of prizes.
Beyond the game, other virtual reality applications are also being demonstrated at the booth, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in an interactive application through a VR headset. The Philips 42-inch WOW 3D Intelligent Display, an autostereoscopic 3D display supported through the 3DVIA Virtools VR Library, will serve as the second screen on which those virtual reality applications will be displayed. This will allow conference goers to see the out-of-screen true autostereoscopic effects of the screen.