Issue: SIGGRAPH 2008 - Day 2


LOS ANGELES - HP ( is at SIGGRAPH with two high-end models in its new EliteBook line of performance class mobile workstations. The models are the successors to HP's "nw" mobile line and include the 15-inch 8530w and the 17-inch 8730w. The systems can be configured with an Intel quad-core processor, a choice of Nvidia graphics cards, up to 8GB of memory and up to 1GB of video memory. The 17-inch 8730w can also be optioned with a 24-bit version of HP's DreamColor color critical display for an extra $450. HP will begin shipping the 8530w ($1,499) in September, and the 8730w ($1,699) later this month.

The company is also showing its DreamColor LP2480zx, an affordable, color-critical 24-inch desktop display that's priced at $3,299. HP reps say the unit, which is shipping, is the first 30-bit liquid crystal display on the market. The solution uses RGB LED backlights and produces .05 black luminance.