Issue: SIGGRAPH 2008 - Day 3


LOS ANGELES – San Francisco-based Tweak Software has introduced its first commercially available software package. RV is a customizable cross-platform image and sequence viewer capable of playing back uncompressed film resolution clips. The company is offering free downloadable trial versions of the software upon request through its Website (
RV runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and can play back uncompressed film resolution sequences. The application also includes native support for stereo 3D. Key features include: realtime playback for desktop, dailies and projection; a customizable architecture; realtime hardware color correction; a high dynamic range, floating point image pipeline; advanced color management with support for OpenExr-style linear-light scene-referred workflow; native stereoscopic 3D support; and a standalone batch image-processing tool — RVIO — that can convert, conform, slate, color correct and composite image sequences.

RV was developed by Tweak Films to handle the company’s own high-end VFX projects. Founders Jim Hourihan and Seth Rosenthal spun off Tweak Software in 2007, and this application marks their first product release, though they have developed several proprietary VFX tools since the company was founded in 2001.
The commercial release will be Version 3.4 and will be priced at $299 per node-locked license, and $369 per floating license.