NEW YORK - Pomann Sound ( in New York City provided sound design and mixing services for a new GNC vitamins spot that was ultimately banned from broadcast during Super Bowl LI. The commercial employs there “Courage To Change,” and shows a boxer, swimmer, drummer, and fire fighter, each facing their own unique challenge, be it a tough sparring partner, a forest fire or live performance. Pomann Sound mixer/sound designer Max Conklin notes: “The idea of the spot is having the ‘courage to change,’ so we really wanted people to identify with that. We wanted it to sound human and raw, and to tell a story. We used big sounds of raging forest fires and arctic winds juxtaposed against the soft sounds of a cooing baby or the squeak of a chair. Jack Low, the creative director and narrator, referenced the sound of older films and speeches, which ended up being the inspiration for the tonal quality of the voiceover. The team edited the picture to a scratch track of his voiceover recorded on an iPhone.' The Audio Ease Speakerphone plug-in was used for processing. The project was completed in Pro Tools 12.