Shooting Love's Labor Jam

Posted By Billy on August 29, 2008 12:00 am | Permalink
The night before I have to travel for a shoot is always interesting. I run around like a madman making sure that I remember everything. Once I'm positive I've taken care of business, I collapse, content in the knowledge that I won't be forgetting anything.

Of course, the following morning I discover that I've forgotten toothpaste, my hotel confirmation and all my socks. But I remember the important stuff: the gear.

We'll be shooting our first documentary this weekend ("we" being myself and Randy DeFord, my partner in 25 North Filmwurks) in central Kentucky. We'll be covering "Love's Labor Jam", an industry event that brings together industry giants and up-and-coming acts from the Nashville scene.

The Jam was created by Nashville songwriting legend Billy Edd Wheeler and Kentucky picker Richard Bellando as an opportunity for artists to perform for each other and spend time enjoying the art they create every day for millions of fans all over the world.

So it's a combo documentary and concert film. In my head, I see a country version of The Last Waltz. Fortunately, I'm able to laugh at myself so when I find out what it's really like, I won't feel quite so foolish.

And now you know what I know.

I'll write updates every night and, provided Post allows me to continue, throughout the post production process.

Stay tuned.