Posted By Erik Paulsen on July 08, 2008 12:00 am | Permalink
Today was a rather quick set day at the finish line of stage 1 in Plumelec. Once all the trucks were parked and powered there was a lot of time spent stringing fiber cable from our Unity, which is in a support truck, over to my edit suite that is situated in the main production truck, and out to the other two suites that are sharing a room in a section of our upwardly-expandable studio set truck that sits about 200 feet from where the server truck is parked.


In this snapshot, you can see my Avid Adrenaline set up sitting comfortably next to a good, old-fashioned Sony DME 7000 that I'm very familiar with from my days in a linear suite. But, alas, it's not really for me, it's there for the EVS guys to treat some of their stuff with that film/glow look we know and love!

You'll also see a lot of other ancillary equipment and patch panels due to my room's location in the main truck. There's also an EVS operator sitting just behind me along with an EVS producer, so I'll be doing most of my audio with cans on. To my right is the main production area and audio booth and to my left another EVS operator and our video shading area.

Everything seems to be working flawlessly. We head in tomorrow to begin loading all our support elements early in the AM.

More tomorrow.