Love's Labor Jam: Planning the Jam

Posted By Randy DeFord  on November 01, 2008 12:00 am | Permalink
By the weekend, I can see about 8 chapters to this doc. I have 4 started.

The first in just an intro. We shot scenes of driving through the city of Berea, specifically, Berea College. Since the founders of the Love's Labor Jam are Berea College grads, we thought it proper to start the piece with the college as a visual backdrop.

The first chapter includes an explanation by the 4 people who were in San Fransisco in 1995 the day Jerry Garcia dies. They witnessed a pilgrimage that made an impression - so much so that they decided to create an event that would celebrate musicians and their contibution to the arts. After that interview, the first LLJ footage is shown from the performance.

The second chapter is about the food. Two main ingrediants in this section - a look at the special hybrid tomotoes af multiple kinds that are provided for the festival goers (keep in mind that all this food in provided at no charge) and the 170 lbs. of fantastic grilled chicken, including the man responsible for the monster grill and the preparation of the chicken. After that...footage of the ladies cutting the tomatoes that will be a part of the festival legacy the next evening.

The third chapter is based on the set-up of the festival the day prior. This includes constructing the stage under the giant circus-sized tent, the sound system and lights. There a a few interviews to further explain the  preparation for the event.

Then another performance from the Jam. The piece ends with the woodworker who builds the stage and has been to every Jam.

Next week, more chapters. A good start coming in close to 25 minutes of viewable content.