Love's Labor Jam - 10 out of 12 and Counting

Posted By Randy DeFord  on October 20, 2008 12:00 am | Permalink
It's October 18 and I finished capturing footage of the 10th of 12 tapes. This potion is the performances. The whole approach at the Love's Labor Jam was two cameras.

Adam Shephard was stationary at a given side of the stage shooting, mainly, stationary. His mic was also positioned, high, at the rear of the tent. This mic was an omni condenser that scooped up some pretty good sound. The other approach, from my end, was to be the man front and side of stage, getting the moving or close-up shots.

After determining which songs of the many from each performer would be a possible candidate for inclusion, I had to capture both perspectives of that song. My whole goal of this process was not to capture a lot of footage that wouldn't be used, so decisions were made to choose songs that best represented each performers style, as well as good audio and visuals, on our part. There is also the question, when the time comes to post, which audio is primary - the track that best captured a given performance.

With Adam and I doing all the shooting and all the posting, I had to move around a lot in hopes of getting a 3 camera style on some of the performances. At this point into the capturing, I think we're going to reach that goal.

At this point, all the captures should be done by the end of October, leaving November to be the month of decision on what goes where in the doc outline. The more into this doc I get, the better I feel. The archiving of events like this are important, especially when it brings so many different musical styles together in complete respect for musical art and passion for the craft. This doc needs to prove how that existed in abundance at this event.