Love's Labor Jam - Post Work

Posted By Randy DeFord  on September 10, 2008 12:00 am | Permalink
All 12 tapes of the Jam have now been sorted. One of the more difficult things with a doc is deciding which memory will not make the grade. It's all part of taking the personal side out and making sure you compile a story that makes the best of the event and conveys the message and theme. In this case, the Love's Labor Jam is called such because it's a labor of love for the folk and country writers and musicians who organized it, in memory of the late Jerry Garcia.

This one will be a tough call whether we want to spend more time telling the story...or showing the performances. With so many good musicians, I'm sure we'll lean toward the performances to be sure everyone gets an equal shot. We'll be editing with Vegas 8.0 as soon as we put together the timeline...hopefully sometime next week.