Love's Labor Jam - Sifting

Posted By Randy DeFord  on September 28, 2008 12:00 am | Permalink
This weekend, I was able to hit the halfway mark, as far as total hours of captured footage. One of the things that struck me the most was the range of poor to great shots we obtained.

It's a good exercise in humilty to go back and view something that didn't cut the snuff, and then see another shot that really had the qualities needed to make the shots entertaining and informative....without the distraction of a poor light or technique. I was able to have enough sense to get some of the slow, pannning, zooming and sweeping shots I wanted, especially during one of the key interviews. Those are the ones that make you smile.

The best part is that you can eliminate the worst footage and concentrate capturing the good stuff.

Run and gun is defined by taking it all in, whereever it is, however it is, and whomever it is. After the shoot, the work begins to string the best shots togther into a story. There were a lot of the interviews on this capture and the start of the performance side of the festival. The bill was eveything from blues to bluegrass, and the sound was as good as I could have hoped since we used mic technique with native capture to the camera itself. I'm happy with what I'm seeing, so far.