Add Some (Production) Music to Your Day

Posted By Mark R. Smith on April 21, 2009 12:00 am | Permalink
Had a few good words with David Gurule and Dennis Dunn from Killer Tracks in L.A. today about trends they've noticed of late.
David talked about the move toward the digital distribution of music. He said the house has continued to press CDs and prepare hard drives, but it looks like more of the clientele must be getting iPods and MP3 players; they want their music and they want it now.
It's all about saving time. Another way clients are doing that, he and Dennis Dunn, also of Killer Tracks, said, is to obtain a variety of types of tunes from a single company. On that note, David pointed to Killer's recent CD, "Reality." The Christopher Franke collection of 18 CDs is based on that popular TV show genre and can be used for many different types of those oh-so-inexpensive-to-produce reality shows.
David feels its all about production music's increasing acceptance. "Ten years ago, production music might have been considered "less than," he said. "But now, some of the best music in the world comes from libraries. Look at all of the Hollywood movies and major ad campaigns that use it."