DVS steals my RED heart

Posted By Mark L. Pederson on April 20, 2009 12:00 am | Permalink

Okay - NAB 2009 has begun. I started by going to DVS to see CLIPSTER's new RED support - and get a full tour of the features.

It's hard to find words to express how excited I am about this system. They are debayering RED's R3D files with HARDWARE in REALTIME. FULL 4K debayer. In fact, the system ONLY does full 4K debayer. Instant conform, including reframing from Final Cut Pro XMLs. I grabbed R3D files and created MFX for Avid in 1920x1080 DNxHD with a 4K debyaer at 24fps. Realtime, one step Avid edit media in full quality.

DCP mastering on this product is amazing. Making a 3D DCP was drag and drop, click a few settings and go.

This is a MUST SEE system for folks on the front lines of RED post production. DVS sells only direct.

In other news ...

NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 GPU for Mac has a MSRP of $1,799 USD.

FINALLY a cuda-enabled, high-end Nvidia card for the MAC ... with one BIG snag ... they put TWO 8-BIT DVI connections as opposed to 10-bit DISPLAY PORTS which is what they have on the CX cards for the PC. When I asked the Nvidia folks at the booth WHY?? They said ... because APPLE directed us to DVI. Hmmmmm ... Apple is making display port monitors. Seems fishy. I am very disappointed they don't have 10-bit off of the card on the MAC.

They did show me a CAPTURE CARD - which is PC only - but will allow developers to ingest HD and 2K directly to the GPU memory - this is pretty huge for sports broadcasting.

I haven't had a chance to look more closely at the NVIDIA® QUADRO® PLEX D SERIES yet - but I'll get to that soon.

Back to the show floor ... more to come.