"Battlestar Galactica – Then and Now" and next week "3D Compositing" in LA

Posted By Barry Goch on December 02, 2009 12:00 am | Permalink
Two weeks ago I attended a fabulous event put on the LA Chapter of Siggraph.  "Battlestar Galactica - Then and Now." It was a great evening of reminiscing about the old show, and showcasing the amazing visuals in the new. It was a treat to hear John Dykstra and Richard Edlund explain how they transitioned from making Star Wars to creating the visuals for Battlestar. They showed many stills from back in the day, but the highlight for me was seeing a rare behind-the-scenes home movie shot by Dennis Muren (now at ILM) of the model shop showing hundreds of model kits used to make the Galactica, Vipers, and the fleet.

Read more about it here:

The next event, in my opinion, is a must see:

Two master trainers who literally wrote books on the subject will be presenting that night, Steve Wright and Damian Allen. I've had classes with them both and I consider them experts in the field. Hope to see you there.