The Foundry Throws Down - Tips for Transitioning from Flame to Nuke X

Posted By Barry Goch on December 07, 2009 12:00 am | Permalink
Happy Monday my gentle readers! I just wanted to fill you in on an event I attended last week. As usual, I rushed across town to get to the event after work. Tip to all event planners: Don't have things start at 5:30pm!

I arrived at the Foundry's office to a standing room only crowd watching the end of Joe Farrell's (Digital Domain) presentation showing a shot breakdown from 2012. I only caught something about fluid simulations toward the end. Shame, because it looked amazing on the monitor.

I was really interested to hear the next presentation: Candice Scott of Zaboca FX, presentated "Transitioning from Flame to Nuke X: Merging Concepts." The presentation was geared towards Flame artists who were interested in doing work on Nuke X. She showed some basic differences in how Nuke handles pre-multiplied images in the keymix and merge nodes. She also showed off some features from the upcoming Nuke X release, such as a built-in 3D tracker and an improved paint system.

The impression I got from the presentation, and speaking to Ms. Scott afterwards, is similar to my previous posting about expanding one's skill set. In today's job market, one should be prepared to work on any platform. It's not the hammer that makes one a good carpenter, rather the skill in the tool's use that's important. Talent counts!