Love's Labor Jam - Final Hour

Posted By Randy DeFord  on January 05, 2009 12:00 am | Permalink
After a few weeks of getting clearances, it's obvious some will be gotten, and others will not. However, we have solution to that, that has satisfied all involved. We have produced two versions - one long version coming in at 61:00 that includes all performances, but is tagged as not for public display or broadcast, specifically for all those that participated in the Jam and want to see all the chosen performances from all the artists.

The second version is 50:22, eliminating any song that has not been given written permission. As festivals go, this is a stopper - all clearances must be given before a festival will accept a documentary for screening. But, most of the performances were original songs by the artists or by writers the singers knew. This was acceptable and actually displayed the theme of the LLJ, which was to feature unknown talent and works.

The chapters on the DVD were:

1) Intro, showing the streets of Berea, KY with Berea College, and titling.

2) Opening credits and the story of the Jam from the originators.

3) The food, which includes the story of the special tomatoes and grilled chicken

4) The set-up, including interviews with those that construct the lights, stage, etc. and the first performance by 2007/2008 IBMA top female vocalist, DaleAnn Bradley.

5) The people - a cross section with interviews and B-roll of the crowd, including a special interview with the kids as the Jam.

6) The Jam kick-off and two performances by Logan Leet and The Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble

7) More performance by Mitch Barrett

8) A special chapter with interviews, history and performance footage of author/songwriter Billy Edd Wheeler.

9) Richard Bellando and Randy Osborne with a Billy Edd folk ballad.

10) Ending and "thank you" credits

Nothing other than standard cross-fade transitions were used for this doc. Also, the original cam recorded track of the Jam is the whole of the music content, given we had no mix feed or other recorded source to use. Given that, the captured quality was quite acceptable, especially for a documentary live performance feel. None of the performances were effected in any way and come thru with all original content and mix.

That's it for the Love's Labor Jam. Look for it at a doc fest in the coming years.