IBC2009: a quick glimpse

Posted By Harry Skopas on September 16, 2009 12:00 am | Permalink
Amsterdam… the land of canals, coffee shops and IBC2009.

In lieu of the current economic crisis the show seemed surprisingly vibrant and very well attended from both an exhibitor and attendee standpoint. Let’s hope the positive sentiment is carried around the globe so we can all get on with our lives!

If you didn’t have 3D glasses on, you probably weren’t at the RAI! There was a big emphasis on 3D displays, camera systems and finishing products. There are many new products in the 3D space, but JVC‘s newly introduced 3D LCD monitor displayed exceptional flicker-free 3D content and its 2D-3D converter box looks very promising.

There is also a desperate need for a new reference color video monitor.  The CRT has been the gold standard in the broadcast world for over 60 years and its demise is inevitable. There are a number of manufactures (working along with SMPTE and the ITU) that are feverishly working with current LCD technology to create a new reference standard. The IBC shed light on a few manufactures with some very promising LED backlit LCD technologies. We may finally be on the road to a new video reference monitor.

As the IBC highlighted, there are now many manufactures with tools to help in our RED centric raw file, digital camera world: DVS Clipster, Filmlight Baselight, IRIDAS, AutoDesk Smoke/Flame 2010, Root6 CA, Assimilate SCRATCH, and the list keeps growing and growing.. just like our data needs.

A great piece of German Engineering - SCANITY was the new digital film scanner introduced by Digital Film Technology: 2k and 4k scanning up to 25fps/15fps respectively, LED light source, precision roller gate – continuous motion capstan and optical pin registration helps for safe film handling and steady film movement… smooth very smooth.

In today’s world of desk top systems and YouTubeTM, Ensemble Designs introduced their BrightEye Mitto scan converter. It’s a versatile high performance scan converter used for seamlessly getting your workstation graphics output to a display, video router etc… The conversions look outstanding and the features are what you would expect from Ensemble… functional!

Doei for Now….