This year’s IBC buzz The Third Dimension

Posted By Max Burgess on September 14, 2009 12:00 am | Permalink

Without a shadow of a doubt this years biggest buzz in Amsterdam was 3D technology. From screen makers to camera producers to the companies that edit and finish, there was a 3D demo of some kind to be had everywhere.

Before the show began I had been rather skeptical of whether 3D was really coming to invade our homes like is being largely touted. With most people only recently having made an investment in an HDTV panel for their living room, let along the infrastructure that producers and distributers of television and film have also just made it makes me think that 3D might still be a little way off. 

Of course with BSKYB launching it's first 3D channel next year only time will tell, but the novelty factor and not being able to find your polarizing glasses from the crack of your sofa, might just mean the home invasion is not as close as we think. Until a quality panel is released that doesn't require glasses (which frankly from what I saw at the show doesn't seem too near) 3D should be kept in the cinema where it becomes more of a special experience.