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  • NAB 2010: Making legacy gear future friendly

    Posted By Michael Kammes

    See where your co-workers and clients work now - because most likely they're with some other company, doing the exact same thing. Be a geek, and yet be able to party like a rockstar - because everyone else is also a geek and also trying to party like ... Continue reading "NAB 2010: Making legacy gear future friendly" »

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  • Digital Tape Winding up for Archive Growth

    Posted By Tom Coughlin

    2010 seems to be the year for tape—digital tape that is. The LTO consortium announced the long awaited introduction of its LTO-5 format. The LTO-5 digital magnetic tape and drive offer 1.5 TB of uncompressed storage capacity with data rates of 140 ... Continue reading "Digital Tape Winding up for Archive Growth" »

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  • Future NAB Trip Recommendations

    Posted By Heath Firestone

    A guide for planning you next NAB trip. Hey guys, Just got back from a four day NAB trip, and I thought I'd give you a quick rundown on my take, and a couple of pointers for those of you who haven't been to NAB, but plan on going next year. This was ... Continue reading "Future NAB Trip Recommendations" »

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  • Feeds and Speeds, Baby

    Posted By Tom Coughlin

    Deep within the bowels of the NAB storage grotto (South lower hall at the 2010 NAB show) as well as in the North hall and in spots of the Center hall there were rumblings of radical changes in the pace of media and entertainment creation and ... Continue reading "Feeds and Speeds, Baby" »

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  • NAB Top 6 Countdown

    Posted By Ed Heede

    Decompressed from NAB I was nudged to take a stab at a top 5 list for the show. I thought I'd add one entry better and do it as a blog. I confess, my selection bias goes to world-class quality at prices indie filmmakers actually have access to. ... Continue reading "NAB Top 6 Countdown" »

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