AES 2010 - San Francisco

Posted By Hanson Hsu on November 10, 2010 08:04 am | Permalink

Bumped into Martin Pilchner in the W hotel bar Friday night and ended up spontaneously hanging out with Francis Monzella, Martin Pilchner and Chris Pelonis. We joked that if Carl Yanchar and John Storyk dropped in, we'd have a quorum of studio designers!

Missed Phil Ramone at the show...did anyone see him?  Al Schmitt and Elliot Sheiner were tied at the hip all weekend. Chatted with Chuck Ainlay about coming to hear our ZR Acoustics studio design tech at the new Universal Mastering Studios. Mandy Parnell from London was also roaming about checking out the latest in gear.  Said she mastered an album that morning and still made it to the show.

Undertone Audio [UTA] has a new, custom-built console with VU meters, metal isolation and phase reverse, and in/out capacity on each band of each EQ. The designer is very cool and despite not being sure how much to charge for it, looks like a very interesting product. Very curious to hear one in a real studio setting. 

Love the custom acoustically permeable/semi-reflective surface! Finally, someone actively dealing with HF reflections from nearfields and mains off the desk surface!

Tim McGovern, Stacey Dodds, Curtis Anderson and I all sat for nearly an hour going over the function and design of the console with the UTA guys. Nice guys and cool concept! Supposedly one in LA soon.

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