Avid's web-based editing

Posted By Max Burgess on September 20, 2010 09:00 am | Permalink
A colleague of mine has been talking about editing online for years. Sitting behind my fully featured Media Composer watching examples of limited and slow online editing has never really got me excited. What I saw on Avid's stand this year at IBC did.

Avid were showing a technology preview of their Web-based editing software. There is still much to be decided with this product but essentially low res proxies are loaded up to a cloud and then from any machine, as long as it has Flash player, users can log in, view and edit the footage in an interface much resembling Media Composer.

Many different features were shown, such as auto-updates back to the craft editor with comments and notes when the Web-cut sequence is opened up in a fully featured hardware edit station. Even an iPhone application for viewing and making notes as well as basic edit changes was available. Keep an eye out for an advanced iPad version!

So what might this mean? The possibilities are endless and productivity could go through the roof. But fellow editors, a word of warning... when you are sitting at home, relaxing, don't be surprised to get the odd phone call from a producer or director asking if you can make a quick change to the edit you were working on earlier in the day!

Check out the same preview at this year's NAB here..... http://fp.avid.com/fpcache/podcasts/events/NAB/EventsRewind_2010-04-12_Web-Based-Editing-NAB.m4v