Two days in Amsterdam

Posted By Marshall Krasser on September 13, 2010 12:00 pm | Permalink
What an incredible show! I spent 2 days wandering around the floor and was amazed by the diversity of products, ideas and technology being showcased at this great conference and city.

For myself, this was unlike any conference I have ever attended and well worth the 10-hour flight and jetlag. The city of Amsterdam is a great host and was more than welcoming, but as expected — things are a little "different." I have never passed Coffee shops in the US that were wafting out that particular "roasted coffee" smell — well except for certain shops on Haight Street in San Francisco!

As for the conference: They should have issued everyone 3D glasses upon entry, because there were 3D stereoscopic technology and displays everywhere. Seriously, everywhere except for the bathrooms, and I bet they try that next year. One could watch 3D sporting events [women's volleyball and boxing], various live camera set-ups — the Arri Booth even had a live tap dancer for their real time 3D camera demo. Some of the products were great, other were still work in progress.

The viewing conditions did play a big role in the stereoscopic success. I noticed if the displays were catching any environmental reflections, the convergence was thrown off. Well not specifically "The" convergence, but rather the lack of 3D of the reflections impeded on the stereoscopic image.

The 152-inch 4K professional monitor that Panasonic showed had me drooling. Wow! Wow! Wow! That is one sweet piece of viewing hardware. If there was a way I could have crammed it into my checked baggage, I would be so there.

Lots of LED lights being marketed, and can't wait for them to become more of the standard on sets. The power usage is minimal and the heat that is NOT generated would make the sets more enjoyable. Had a long talk with the Gekko LED group and the possibilities are endless.

The geek in me fell in love with one specific product: The Steadicam for the iPhone!!! Time to by one and make a movie. Price point is within acceptable range — in my opinion. Fun product.

The diversity of products would take a while to run down and since the lack of sleep is catching up with me. I would highly recommend planning a trip to Amsterdam for the next IBC Conference.

Cheers, Marshall