My First NAB

Posted By Tucker Corson on April 08, 2013 05:47 pm | Permalink
April 06, 2013

So I'm off to my first ever NAB and I couldn't be more excited. There is so much to look forward to in such a small amount of time! For the next three days I will be covering the National Association of Broadcasters convention floor, filled with hundreds of booths, speakers, and techies alike, which represent our industry at its technical finest. I cannot express my excitement about attending the convention and checking out all the new toys and tech coming to us this year.

A few "must see" features for me this year will be the all new Autodesk 2014 products, along with the Foundry, and the next-generation multi-screen displays that have been so popularly advertised prior to the convention. As a technical 3D artist, but also as an IT representative of Gentleman Scholar, I also look forward to the vast amount of hardware and storage possibilities at the convention. Our studio has gone through some dramatic changes in the last four months, and with these changes comes a need for adaptation. We are currently looking into larger storage options and setups, specifically with Rorke, who seem to offer an inexpensive and fast storage solution that may be a game changer for us at GS.

Above all I'm excited for the good food, fun company, and all the techno goodies I can imagine! This trip will be an amazing experience and a huge help to our technological advancement at Gentleman Scholar.

See you on the floor!

Tucker Corson is with Gentleman Scholar, a group of solution driven artists situated at the intersection of story, style and technology. They bring together experience in live-action, design and animation for commercials, music videos and film.