Random Thoughts from CES

Posted By Randall Dark on January 09, 2013 08:48 am | Permalink
By Randall Dark

LAS VEGAS - Filmmaker Randall Dark (@RandallPDark) is at the CES show this week walking the floor. He sent us a few things of interest.

Over the past three years, HD 3D was the hot topic but how quickly things change. Although there were a number of impressive 3D displays, it just didn't have the same sort of buzz this year. The new buzz is 4k but more on that later.

Met with Rick Loughery of Go Pro and got a close up demo of the Hero3 camera. Followers of 1 and 2 can now look forward to using a smaller version that has a Wi-Fi built in with remote and app compatibility. Worth taking a look at.....

Started my day yesterday bright and early with a VIP invite to the Opening Keynote for Panasonic by none other than Kazuhiro Tsuga. This event was kicked off first by Gary Shapiro, who has guided CEA for many years. It was obvious, this very smart man, has not lost in enthusiasm for the Consumer Electronic Show. He is a very smart man.

The overall event was very well produced and I learned what to expect from Panasonic this and the coming years. However, the highlight for me was when president Tsuga introduced us to the new 4K organic light emitting diode TV. WAY COOL and I want one.

Left is a shot of the ribbon cutting after the Keynote.