Sundance Film Festival - Park City, UT

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Sundance - Park City, UT

Day 5

Laggies Press Event





SYNOPSIS: Having spent her twenties comfortably inert, 28 year old Megan (Keira Knightley) reaches a crisis when she finds herself squarely in adulthood with no career prospects, no particular motivation to pursue any and no one to relate to, including her high school boyfriend (Mark Webber).  When he proposes, Megan panics and given an opportunity to escape - at least temporarily - she hides out in the home of her new friend, 16-year-old Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Annika's world-weary single dad (Sam Rockwell).

Lynn Shelton, whose unique directorial voice created such astutely observed comedies as YOUR SISTER'S SISTER and HUMPDAY, crafts a warm, funny romantic journey of three people who find their lives intertwined in sudden, unexpected ways, as they try to make their way in the imperfect reality of modern day life.

New Frontier hosted fascinating panels that embraced the whole spectrum of the film production process. The guests on this panel were three up-and-coming filmmakers who produced high quality independent films on very low budgets. 

The panelists included Jim Mickle, director of "We Are What We Are". Kyle Alvarez, who directed "C.O.G.," and Hasraf 'Haz' Dulull who made "Fubar Redux" and "Project Kronos" on very low budgets. 

On keeping production costs low for "C.O.G.," Kyle Alzarez had this to say:

"I couldn't exactly say our post budget as we had almost no money or time for it, so there was never really a concrete number. 

"For me post is about thinking outside the box. How can you save money on hardware? Well, your specs almost never have to be as high as they think they are. In fact your current computer probably works just fine. Don't spend a ton of money on fancy monitors either. There are really cheap ones that work just fine for your basic editing situation. How can you save money on software? Use Adobe Creative Cloud and only spend $50 a month, then you can put it on hold until the next time you need it. How can you save time? Edit in RAW, skip the middle-man of transcoding. Come up with your looks with your DP before you go into color correction, that way you are super prepared and can make the most of your time in the color suite."

Day 4 

Jemaine Clement

Day 3

A Most Wanted Man premier:

Willem Dafoe

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Day 2

Love is Strange press conference:

John Lithgow and Alfred Molina

Marisa Tomei

Cheyenne Jackson


After a lay over in Dallas where I met several people waiting standby to fly out to Park City. Just for my plane, there was 40 people waiting on a packed flight.

Made it to Salt Lake and managed to find a shuttle for $40 into Park City. I arrived at about 1:00am to this house complete with backyard jacuzzi. We rented this house with a group of people.  


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