Graphics Monster: Nvidia's Quadro M6000

Posted By Sandeep Gupte on April 10, 2015 01:40 pm | Permalink
The Nvidia Quadro M6000 is professional graphics in beast mode. It provides everything you need in one powerful card. 12GB of GPU memory. 7.0 teraflops of peak single-precision performance. Support for up to four 4K displays. And the incredible power efficiency of our Maxwell architecture.

Quadro is all about professional design and visualization. We design, build, test and support Quadro specifically for professional users. And it's certified on more than 100 popular professional applications. 

The M6000 ups the graphics game with 30 percent faster performance, on average, across a range of professional applications.(1) This includes 2.4x faster ray tracing (2) and 36-bit color support for high-dynamic range displays.

Those are the specs. Let's get to the raves.  

Early customer reviews are coming in for the M6000. And it's a game-changer for professional visual computing workflows:

"The Quadro M6000 delivers up to 25 prcent performance increase when working in Autodesk Maya with extremely complex assets like furry creatures, fluids and crowd scenes for feature films. Our artists' workflows are uncompromising, requiring them to deliver the highest standards of quality to a strict schedule. The ability to interactively navigate, troubleshoot and alter assets with ease gives a huge boost to our productivity." - Michael Blain, Framestore 

"Nvidia's continual developments help SGO to provide more creative and more efficient solutions for our customers, letting them stand out from their competitors by offering better, faster and more flexible and powerful services to their clients." - Miguel Angel Doncel, SGO
"The M6000's increased cores and single-precision performance allow us to significantly reduce render times. Our customers will be able to create effects never before possible." - Gerhard Lang, Vizrt

Pair the Quadro M6000 with the newly announced Nvidia Iray 2015, and experience the highest level of visual realism and interactivity in your design workflow, while more than doubling your rendering speed. And Iray can even go faster, just by adding more GPUs. With eight M6000s in the newly-upgraded Quadro Visual Computing Appliance, designers can visualize higher-resolution models interactively with a level of photorealism that is nothing short of stunning. 

Stack multiple VCAs in a data center, and teams can call on scalable rendering power when and where they need it. 
Another addition to the Quadro family is the new K1200. It's the fastest graphics card specifically designed for small form factor (SFF) workstations. 

The Quadro M6000 and K1200 are available now for purchase from OEMs and distributors worldwide. System configurations may vary. The Quadro M6000 makes its next public appearance at the annual NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 13 to 16, where you'll see Nvidia-powered demos in more than 70 partner stands, including Adobe, Blackmagic Design, Brainstorm, HP, Open Drives, Red Digital Cinema, SGO, WSI and Vizrt.

1 - Performance measured using SPECviewperf 12 benchmark. 
2 - Performance of Iray 2015 and M6000 relative to Iray 2014 and K6000.

Sandeep Gupte is the Senior Director for Nvidia's Professional Services Group.