Nvidia brings advanced rendering to the people

Posted By Phillip Miller on December 01, 2015 07:19 am | Permalink
Nvidia Iray, our physically based rendering technology, can be found in many of the most popular design software applications. Now, for the first time, we're offering it direct to the designers, artists, architects and others who rely on physically based rendering to bring their creations - from the ordinary to the extraordinary - to life. 

There's no need to wait for software application releases or updates. Just visit our new online store, where you'll find Iray plug-ins for Autodesk 3ds Max available today, and for Autodesk Maya starting in mid December. They cost just $295 per year as either a node locked or floating license with no processor restrictions. These products support our new distributed rendering solution - Iray Server, which begins open Beta today and ships early next year. Also available is the first edition of vMaterials, a free collection of digital material offerings that have been verified by our material specialists for accuracy, control and consistency. 

Iray accurately predicts the final results of a design, so you can reduce the number of prototypes and iterate far more. We've been using it for years to design our own products. And global architecture firm Gensler is using it to design our spectacular Silicon Valley campus building. Iray's photorealistic interactivity allows designers and decision makers to explore variations in full realism while they are designing or reviewing. 

Minimizing this feedback loop maximizes the creative process, so you'll want to scale up quickly. That's why we've designed the new Iray plug-ins to scale smoothly across all the cores and processors in your system. You can even connect to Quadro Visual Computing Appliances for near noiseless interaction in final quality. 

"We use Iray for 3ds Max extensively in our design process," says Scott DeWoody, creative media manager of Gensler Architects. "Being able to see your changes, as you make them, in near final realism is transformative - and Iray's ability to scale across processors, machines and to Quadro VCAs means you can get even the most complex jobs done on time."

You can also harness a network of machines (running Iray Server) to make short work of your largest images. If you're one of the 10,000 folks attending Autodesk University this week in Las Vegas, you can see these solutions screaming on the latest systems at the Dell, HP and Lenovo booths. 

Our Iray plug-ins are available as 90-day free trials to give every Max and Maya designer and artist out there plenty of time to kick the tires. We're certain you'll love them. And these are also just the beginning. More plug-ins are in the works.

Phillip Miller is the director of SW Product Management for the Professional Solutions Group at Nvidia (www.nvidia.com).