Sundance: An attendee's schedule

Posted By Ozan on February 05, 2015 07:56 am | Permalink
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Just got back yesterday and I am still recovering. 

The ingredients for a Sundance as follows: 

Wake up at 10AM (hungover) 

Go to one of the various lounges like the NY Film Lounge (11PM-2PM) (breakfast) 

Then usually a symposium on film or swag give-away by one of the many lecherous sponsors. 

(2PM-4PM) (food and drink)

Then a party like for Seed and Spark (4PM-7PM) (drink)

Then a company party like for CAA or Cinetic Media (8PM-12midnight) (food and drink) 

Then after-party at a house until 5 AM.... (really drink)

Sleep for a few hours, repeat. 

But as you can see, the weather was perfect. While you had the snow storm I was in a Jacuzzi.

Main Street, where most of the action takes place.